Who we are

Our Story

We are a boutique end to end business advisory service focused on helping our clients achieve their definition of success.

Established over 35 years ago, we are a multi-generational firm with a rich history in the region.  With a strong focus on innovation, underpinned by a partnership approach to working with our clients, we have continued to grow both organically and through acquisition. 

From early adoption of cloud technology and paperless offices to bringing onboard a non-accounting partner to enhance our strategic and operational advice, we have constantly pushed ourselves to be different and better.

Our focus is not primarily on compliance and tax, although we know we are good at that. What we are really passionate about is working with our clients to achieve their definition of success.

Defining success and what it means is unique to every individual.  While it is true that some people can have similar goals and purpose in life, everyone has their own interpretation of when they feel they have achieved these goals and purpose.

Understanding our client’s definition of success enables us to tailor the work we do and the advice we provide to ensure we are all working towards the same end game.

What Makes Us Different

We are a little different to other regional firms out there.

We are a young, but experienced leadership team, and we bring an energy and an enthusiasm to our business. Our partners have broad experience working in large firms across Australia as well as internationally.

We run a senior team, with all our client managers having been in the business for over 18 years, with experience across a broad range of industries and businesses. We don’t run a large junior team and as a result your work is being handled and managed by senior staff.

We fix price nearly all our work upfront, so there are no hidden surprises for you in terms of payments. We are also happy to spread payments over the year to assist you with cashflow management.

We aim for multiple touch points for our clients, with at least two senior team members across your business, so you can get an answer quickly if you are under time pressure to do so.

Our team has experience in management consulting, investment banking, private equity and executive leadership roles. This brings a completely different skillset and perspective to our business and our clients.

We are tech savy and avoid paper where we can, unless that is something our clients want, and work hard with our clients to digitise their processes as well, to assist them to identify efficiencies and reduce errors, particularly within their bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Our Values

Who we are

Through building true partnerships, we are your first point of call.

Our Experts

Ben is not your standard accounting partner. A chemical engineer by trade, Ben brings global experience and expertise to our business, having worked in Australia, Hong Kong and Central America for some of the top ranked management consulting firms in the world.

He has also spent time working with a boutique investment bank as well as five years in private equity, not only looking at buying and selling businesses, but also running them at an executive and board level.

Ben has had first hand experience running his own business as well as being CEO of a national franchise business before joining the Cumulus team. Having grown up in country NSW, Ben is passionate about working with regional business and business owners to help them achieve their definition of success.

Patrick has been with our firm for nearly 3 years, running the accounting team.  Prior to joining us he spent ten years working in Newcastle and over his career has worked with five of the top 100 accounting firms in Australia.  As a result he has extensive experience working with both sole traders and national firms turning over >$100M across a range of industries.

Patrick is well versed in managing, not only the financial side of the businesses but also the operational and strategic components of these businesses.  Across his career, Patrick has also spent a significant time working with SMSF and in financial advisory roles.  Providing further depth to our already experienced SMSF team.

Sally is an accomplished and experienced senior accountant, having worked in the industry for over 20 years.  She has worked across a wide range of industries over the years including, agriculture, building, child-care and retail.   

Sally has combined her client management roles with operational roles in previous accounting firms, enabling her to bring first-hand experience to operational, staff and process management discussions with her clients. 

Sally is particularly passionate about the people side of businesses and working closely with her clients to assist them navigate their personal business challenges.

Emily is an experienced senior team member, having been with Salisburys for over 12 years.  Her diverse background, having worked in a legal firm for six years, as well as breadth of industry experience has provided her with a unique insight into the financial challenges faced by her clients.

Emily is our cloud accounting expert and has assisted numerous clients transition across from paper based systems to Xero, our preferred accounting software.  In addition to being tech savvy,

Emily is also our SMSF compliance expert, having being responsible for managing the compliance and governance of our client’s SMSF for a number of years.

Adi is young accountant with a strong desire to learn.  He is very passionate about the industry and the insight and benefits accurate numbers provide a business. 

Adi also has a strong understanding of the importance of business processes and managing teams, have managed multiple McDonald’s restaurants prior to joining our team.  This real-world experience provides him with a strong, pragmatic, foundation.

Adi also brings a refreshing perspective to challenges and opportunities our client’s face that only further enhances our thought process.

Kylie has been with our firm for over 15 years and held operational and administrative roles in accounting firms prior to that.  With this experience and knowledge of our clients and the industry comes a level of expertise that is rare to find. 

Kylie can navigate her way around discussions with the ATO and ASIC with the best of them, as a result is able to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

Kylie also works closely with our accounting team to ensure our workflow is on track and we are delivering high quality work in a timely manner to our clients.

Catherine is your first point of call in the office.  Not only is she greeting our clients with a smile and a grin, she is working closely with the team to ensure our lodgements are submitted correctly and on-time. 

Part of our dynamic operations team, Catherine will be calling you to follow-up on information requests, to ensure you have signed your BAS or tax return or just to wish you a happy birthday.

Knowledge and Expertise