How One Doctor Built A Successful, Self-Managing Practice

Case Study: Business Mentoring & Start-Up Planning


A renowned Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon in Sydney looked to build a medical practice but lacked the business acumen for his start-up venture. He enlisted in expert guidance, strategic planning and operational support to create a successful, autonomous business that allowed him to continue to put patients first.


Dr Sanjay Warrier is a skilled medical professional and renowned Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon. After qualifying and then completing a period of fellowships, Dr Warrier decided to set up his own practice with the hope it would foster positivity among patients and carers.

As a medical professional, Dr Warrier knew he had limited expertise in running a business. For his Practice start-up to succeed, he needed systems and processes in place to manage multiple sites.

To successfully navigate the early stages of starting a business, Dr Warrier turned to Cumulus for assistance in setting up his dream Practice. With a commercial focus and practical understanding of how to run a start-up, Cumulus guided Dr Warrier, defining operational and strategic foundations for a successful and autonomous Medical Practice.

Dr Warrier commented;

“Ben Gay (Cumulus Business Advisor) was instrumental in developing my practice from the beginning. He was involved in interviewing and recruiting our first clinic secretary, having the right team and processes in place, making sure we had appropriate insurances including Workcover, setting up our medical practice software and even helping us pull together the first landing page of our website.” 

With the long-term support from Cumulus, Dr Warrier was able to plan out what a successful practice looked like, and executed that plan with ease. In just six years he set-up his medical practice to enjoy time-saving processes and business autonomy. Ultimately, Dr Warrier established a practice that enabled him to focus on his passions – helping patients.

“I generally focus on patient care from a primary clinic and rely on our Practice Manager to be our day-to-day conduit with Cumulus on all our business, accounting and tax matters.

With the correct systems and processes in place and running smoothly, Dr Warrier has now set his sights on how to appropriately maximise his income, looking for future ventures and upcoming opportunities. 

Dr Sanjay Warrier’s ability to successfully navigate two demanding roles, business owner and accomplished surgeon, is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with the right support and strategic business foundations.

In Dr Warrier’s own words;

“Setting up a new business with expert assistance made it all a much easier process to achieve success”

You may only sell one business in your life, so it’s sensible to get advice from experts who see many transactions unfold.

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