Our Industry Specialisations

Our Industry Specialisation

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Building and Construction

From managing input costs and fluctuating demand to overseeing a skilled workforce and sub-contractors, running a successful building or trade business requires plenty of strategic planning. For smaller operators, the pressure is further intensified by the need to juggle sales, operations and administrative responsibilities.

With over 30 years supporting businesses in the construction and building sector, we have witnessed first-hand the unique challenges faced by small start-ups to large multi-million dollar enterprises. 

To help you succeed with your own venture in this high demand industry, our team can assist with:

  • Streamlining your financial processes, ensuring accuracy, transparency and cost-control. 
  • Supporting start-ups to exit-planning, our industry knowledge and strategic insights can empower you to achieve your definition of success
  • Navigating the complexities of the industry and uncovering growth opportunities for your business

Reach new heights of success with strategic and personalised business support service


In the dynamic landscape of the agribusiness industry, achieving sustainable growth can prove difficult. From international conflicts and trade policies, global supply chain disruptions and rising input costs, to unpredictable weather events, we understand the complexities that agribusinesses face, and are here to provide support every step of the way.

As an industry, we recognise agribusiness as a critical sector, providing food security, economic stability and employment opportunities. The success of agribusinesses contributes not only to the well-being of the community but the overall prosperity of the Nation.

Being a regional business ourselves, we offer an intimate understanding of the agribusiness landscape and industry specific challenges you face. 

Our team can: 

  • Offer tailored expertise for comprehensive support across all aspects of your business
  • Go beyond traditional advisory services by working closely with you to develop robust business plans, accurate budgeting, and insightful cash flow forecasts. Our expertise even extends to securing grant funding and ensuring compliance reporting to relieve the burden on your team
  • Provide an independent perspective. We offer valuable insights on operational, strategic and financial matters to help you make informed decisions, seize growth opportunities and future-proof your business from unforeseen challenges.


Together we can grow the seed of success for your business in the ever-evolving agribusiness industry.


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, running a medical specialist or allied health practice presents unique challenges. As a business owner, your focus extends beyond your expertise to encompass legislative compliance, HR, administrative tasks and financial obligations. Managing these conflicting priorities while delivering exceptional care can be overwhelming.

At Cumulus, we help enable healthcare professionals to define and achieve their definition of success whether that be:

  • Mastering compliance: We can help your practice adhere to all relevant regulations and legislative requirements. We’ll assist you in implementing robust structures and plans to manage your tax obligations and protect assets so you can focus on doing what you do best; helping patients.
  • Achieving long-term success: As a trusted advisor, we will work closely with you to develop customised strategies to achieve your goals. From financial planning and cash flow management to human resources and administrative optimisation. 
  • Growing your business: We leverage industry expertise and networks to help you navigate expansion opportunities and enhance profitability. By staying in the know of market trends, you’ll be ahead of the curve whilst delivering exceptional patient experiences


Cultivate a healthy, thriving business with comprehensive support and strategic guidance unique to your healthcare industry.

Case Study

How one Doctor built the foundations for a successful, self-managing business.

Dr. Warrier – Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon

Services Provided by Cumulus: Business Advisory, Business Mentoring, Tax Compliance + Advisory

“setting up a new business with expert assistance made it all a much easier process to achieve success.”

A renowned Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon in Sydney looked to build a medical practice but lacked the business acumen for his start-up venture. He enlisted in expert guidance, strategic planning and operational support to create a successful, autonomous business that allowed him to continue to put patients first.

Dr. Sanjay Warrier is a skilled medical professional and renowned Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon. After qualifying and then completing a period of fellowships, Dr. Warrier decided to set up his own practice with the hope it would foster positivity among patients and carers.

As a medical professional, Dr. Warrier knew he had limited expertise in running a business. For his Practice start-up to succeed, he needed systems and processes in place to manage multiple sites.

To successfully navigate the early stages of starting a business, Dr. Warrier turned to Cumulus for assistance in setting up his dream practice. With a commercial focus and practical understanding of how to run a start-up, Cumulus guided Dr. Warrier, defining operational and strategic foundations for a successful and autonomous Medical Practice.

Dr. Warrier commented “Ben Gay (Cumulus Business Advisor) was instrumental in developing my practice from the beginning. He was involved in interviewing and recruiting our first clinic secretary, having the right team and processes in place, making sure we had appropriate insurances including Workcover, setting up our medical practice software and even helping us pull together the first landing page of our website.”

With the long-term support from Cumulus, Dr. Warrier was able to plan out what a successful practice looked like, and executed that plan with ease. In just six years he set-up his medical practice to enjoy time-saving processes and business autonomy. Ultimately, Dr. Warrier established a practice that enabled him to focus on his passions – helping patients.

“I generally focus on patient care from a primary clinic and rely on our Practice Manager to be our day-to-day conduit with Cumulus on all our business, accounting and tax matters.”

With the correct systems and processes in place and running smoothly, Dr. Warrier has now set his sights on how to appropriately maximise his income, looking for future ventures and upcoming opportunities.

Dr. Sanjay Warrier’s ability to successfully navigate two demanding roles, business owner and accomplished surgeon, is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with the right support and strategic business foundations.

Property Development

For businesses in the property development sector, success hinges not only on foresight and vision, but also on a deep understanding of the ever-evolving legislative landscape. 

At Cumulus, we recognise that operating within the right structure is essential to guarantee agility in capturing the next lucrative opportunity that arises. Our services help to unlock full potential with:

  • Partnered scenario planning that enables developers informed to make informed decisions and seize opportunities 
  • Strategic tax planning that will identify efficiencies, structure transactions, and provide advice for the best tax outcomes
  • Holistic financial management that covers not only budgeting and cash flow but financial analysis and risk management.
  • Industry insights and networks that will provide valuable insights into emerging market trends, potential partnerships and investment opportunities.


With our guidance, you can position your business to succeed amongst the competitive property development landscape.


The logistics industry has its own unique set of demands and challenges that operators must navigate to achieve their definition of success. From meeting customer expectations and managing vehicle fleets to ensuring financial compliance and keeping up with evolving regulations.

To maintain a profitable logistics business requires effective financial management, strategic planning and proactive decision making. Finding the optimal balance between revenue generation, cost control and resource allocation can prove difficult.

Partnering with Cumulus, you can set your logistics business up for success by:

  • Accessing independent advice and expertise that spans compliance requirements, financial management strategies, and operational efficiency recommendations
  • Managing finances with comprehensive management services that streamline processes, enhance transparency and optimise cash flow
  • Refining business objectives to drive growth and profitability
  • Implementing a partnership approach,which means, we are fully invested in your success. We will align services with your unique definition of success to achieve short or long term goals


With the right support you can be on the road to success.


With technological advancements and supply chain transformations, the manufacturing industry is experiencing rapid growth and innovation. However, amidst these opportunities, business owners are confronted with an array of challenges that demand daily attention. From understanding intricate industrial relations frameworks to ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations.

At Cumulus, we specialise in working with manufacturing businesses, helping them effectively address challenges that are prevalent in this dynamic, technology-driven market to achieve their definition of success.

For manufacturers, our services can offer:

  • Financial oversight and optimisation from overseeing accounting teams, improving financial processes, and enhancing decision-making capabilities
  • Strategic guidance and growth planning with our experienced advisors. They will offer tailored solutions specific to the manufacturing industry to help you navigate market dynamics, identify growth opportunities, and make informed business decisions.
  • Process analysis to identify area for improvement, cost reductions and improved operational efficiency for maximum productivity and profitability


Obtain a competitive advantage by enlisting in business support services.


The fast-paced world of software and technology offers a dynamic marketplace for providers. However, for entrepreneurs and business owners, developing a product or software tool is only the beginning. To succeed in this competitive sector, challenges will have to be faced. These include correct market identification, establishing a sustainable pipeline, optimal team building and securing necessary funding.

To navigate this complex landscape while managing limited resources, our comprehensive blend of financial, operational and strategic expertise are here to help. 

Our services can:

  • Create robust financial foundations for your technology business. We can help develop the necessary systems, processes and reporting frameworks in addition to budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management and financial modelling
  • Work alongside you and your business to develop tailored strategies that align with your definition of success. We will conduct market analysis, identify target markets, refine pricing,and explore funding options
  • Move beyond managing tax and compliance. We take a holistic approach to business support. A collaborative process, we work closely with start-ups to experienced operators to provide guidance on business strategy, financial management and operational efficiency.


In an ever-evolving industry, our services will help you adapt to change to achieve your definition of success.

Media and Entertainment

Access to audiences, advancements in digital media, and cost efficiencies have opened up a number of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs in the media and entertainment industry. However, the challenges of running a successful business in this space remain ever-present.

Ways in which our services can help business owners in the media and entertainment industry include:

  • Financial support and compliance advice that develop strong financial foundations whilst adhering to industry regulations

  • Customised solutions for growth and transitions can assist with cash flow management, capitalise on emerging trends or offer planning for smooth transitions and exit strategies

  • Business mentoring and strategic planning can help you make fact-based decisions to optimise all areas of the business, in alignment with media and entertainment industry trends and best practices

By partnering with Cumulus you’ll have the confidence to achieve your definition of success.


In an industry shaped by stringent regulations and growing demand, childcare plays a vital role in nurturing young minds. However, alongside primary caregiving responsibilities, operators face a number of hurdles. From staff recruitment and retention to administrative burdens, and managing operational excellence. All whilst upholding regulatory requirements.

To achieve your definition of success, our comprehensive support services can assist with:

  • Customised financial solutions to support childcare operators from cash flow management and budgeting, to payroll advice and financial reporting
  • Development of growth strategies that align with your unique goals whether it is expanding locations, enhancing service offerings, or optimising your operational efficiencies.
  • Operators considering an exit from a childcare business. We can offer comprehensive support in defining exit strategies. This includes valuation, sales processes and succession planning for a smooth transition and maximum results.
  • Compliance obligations specific to the childcare industry.

Our business support services can help you get back to doing what you do best, providing quality care for early childhood education.


In an industry characterised by rapid change and intense competition, retailers are constantly confronted by a number of challenges. Retail businesses face disruptive technologies, shifting consumer preferences, and unpredictable market conditions.

At Cumulus, we can help you develop a proactive and adaptive approach that will see you stay relevant, drive customer engagement, and secure your own position in the market. 

Our services can offer:

  • Strategic business mentoring or coaching. We can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you address challenges head-on
  • Operational and strategic planning to help you achieve your business goals whether it’s optimising inventory management, improving the customer experience, or exploring new sales channels
  • Compliance and tax planning to maximise your tax benefits and save you time. Our deep knowledge of retail regulations and tax requirements can help your business from sales tax obligations to financial reporting


We understand the challenges and opportunities that retail business owners face in today’s dynamic market. Our services will empower you to achieve your definition of success.


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